Why infrared instead of a Steam Room

Infrared sauna technology differs from steam rooms because it does not overheat the air but, rather, penetrates into skin and muscles. It has been put into use by NASA for its astronauts, and the neonatal units in hospitals keep babies warm.

In a steam room, water is heated by stones or a stove in order to heat and humidify the room through the release of steam. Steam rooms will heat the surface of the skin, which then warms the underlying muscles and tissues. Too much time in a steam room can cause heat-related exhaustion and dehydration. In contrast to steam rooms, the infrared energy in infrared saunas directly heats the skin, tissues, and muscles without the need to dramatically warm the air around you. This ensures the radiant energy goes to the areas of the body where you need them the most, without stifling the user with hot steam. The inside of an infrared sauna is cooler than a traditional, steam-based sauna, so you are able to spend more time enjoying all of the health benefits that come with the experience. Studies comparing infrared saunas to steam rooms showed only the infrared help improve brain function, reduce blood pressure, and assist in real weight loss (not simply loss of water weight)

Infrared rays are part of the sun’s spectrum, and are what is responsible for warming your body on a sunny day. In an infrared sauna, the far-infrared radiant (FIR) heat provides all the benefits of natural sunlight without any of the negative ultraviolet radiation. Far-infrared treatment devices (lamps and otherwise) can and have been used to treat athletic injuries, and treat muscle and joint problems. FIR heat also increases circulation in the body and nourishes damaged tissues. This natural heat emitted increases body temperature, which will stimulate and improve the immune system! Perhaps the most immediate relief a Infrared Sauna can offer is simple stress relief. Just a few minutes in the warmth promotes relaxation, soothing nerves & knotted muscles, helping you to feel rejuvenated and restored in both body and mind.